Thursday, December 13, 2018


01:30 pm - 04:30 pm


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1st India Africa Youth Energy Symposium (IAYES)

01:30 pm
04:30 pm

1st India Africa Youth Energy Symposium (IAYES)


The India Africa Youth Energy Forum (IAYEF) and Intersolar India are delighted to invite you to the 1st India Africa Youth Energy Symposium in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore on 13 December 2018. IAYEF is a platform for youth in Indian subcontinent and African continent to deliberate, discuss, design and implement sustainable energy projects to address the energy access issues in their respective countries. This India Africa Youth Energy Symposium(IA-YES) will act as a catalyst for brainstorming and ideating necessary solutions for youth centric energy development in India as well as Africa. The theme of 1st IA-YES is “Industry and Policy initiatives for Energy Transition in India and Africa- Role and Opportunities for Youth”

The symposium is divided into two panel discussions. The theme of the first panel discussion is “Bottlenecks in Energy Law and Policy - Opportunities for Youth in Emerging Markets”. This panel will deliberate on the current scenario of energy policy and electricity laws in India and Africa and discuss about strategies for strengthening them to safeguard the interests of developers/promoters. Discussions related to the opportunities youth can utilise in the policy and legal segment will also be discussed in the course of this panel.

The theme of second panel discussion is “Decentralisation of Energy Infrastructure and Capacity Building - Role of Industry and Academia". Decentralised proliferation of energy infrastructure is a strategic solution for solving energy access issues. However, technical capacity building should also follow the trajectory of this proliferation for sustainable operation of the infrastructure. The role of industry and academia in this capacity building for youth in India and Africa will be deliberated in this panel.

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