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Dr. Milind Kulkarni

Dr. Milind Kulkarni
Job Title
Founder and CEO
Solar and Electronic Materials Consultancies (SOLECMAT)

Milind Shrinivas Kulkarni brings uniquely broad expertise in solar and semiconductor materials value chains, in essentially all relevant disciplines of business, including General Management, Business Development, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain, and Technology. Milind’s technical expertise spans every area of silicon processing, including silicon epitaxy, polysilicon production, crystal growth, wafering, wafer polishing, wafer cleaning, solar cells, and modules. He has deep expertise in all state of the art, next-generation, and future technologies for upstream silicon processing. He is the founder and CEO of Solar and Electronic Materials Consultancies (SOLECMAT), which offers comprehensive technical, commercial, operational, and strategic consultancy services in both solar materials and electronic materials value chains. Before founding SOLECMAT, Milind served as the CEO of Suzlon Renewables Technologies. He also led technology and Strategic Expansions in SunEdison-Solar Materials and later GCL-Solar Materials, which was the materials technology division of SunEdison, before its acquisition by GCL. Milind worked on developing collaborative and strategic business partnerships (JVs) to implement SunEdison's Polysilicon, Crystal Growth, Wafering, and Module technologies into High Volume Manufacturing (HVM). He oversaw the development of turnkey solutions from technology selection to HVM. He represented SunEdison’s interests as a member of the Board of Directors of SunEdison’s joint venture with Samsung Fine Chemicals, SMP. In the past, Milind also directed sales and operations management, demand and supply forecasting, capacity and inventory management, supply chain mapping and optimization, operations research and production optimization, lean initiatives, and technology driven procurement across the solar materials value chain, along with cross-functional quantitative research in the entire semiconductor and solar value chains.

Milind is an author or co-author of more than 70 international journal publications, patents, conference presentations, invited plenary talks, and book chapters, collectively. He also started the Solar Silicon Symposium in China (2009) that has grown into China Photovoltaic Technology International Conference (CPTIC). Both his doctoral work and industrial research have received special recognitions by AIChE Journal (Paper of the Month) and Journal of The Electrochemical Society (Technical Highlight). Milind actively served as an official reviewer for various journals. He was a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research (ACS publication) and, presently, serves as a member of The National Council of Engineering School of Washington University, St. Louis, USA.

Milind holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Mumbai (UDCT/ICT), master’s degree from Oregon State University, doctorate from Washington University, all in chemical engineering. He also holds a master’s degree in business administration, from Washington University. Milind won the Alumni Achievement Award of Washington University in 2012. For details, visit the following websites: