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Dr. R. Ramarathnam

Dr. R. Ramarathnam
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Basil Energetics Private Ltd

Tech from IIT Madras & M Tech + Ph D from IIT Bombay. After working in leading private companies, started own company for manufacturing FHP and Special Purpose motors and supplied to leading Indian and MNC brands, public sector companies & defense establishments.
Later shifted to automotive alternators and supplying to a leading German company for the last 14 years.

Currently working on DC systems and have developed DC Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Freezers, Pumps, Fans and Lights, which operate directly from DC of the solar panels. No need for an inverter and the appliances are super efficient and have won awards from Global LEAP for refrigerators and GEF/UNIDO FLCTD challenges for air conditioners and pumps.

Also developed a smart Nano/Micro Grid for enabling the system to seamlessly integrate with AC Power Grid, Batteries or Other sources of Renewable Energy such as Micro Wind, PICO Hydel or Biogas based generation systems, combining energy efficiency and renewable energy.