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Vinayak Walimbe

 Vinayak Walimbe
Job Title
Director - Financial Services
Customized Energy Solutions

Vinayak works as in Director, Emerging Technologies at Customized Energy Solutions. His work includes performing financial analysis and developing proposed price structures for electric power projects. He also conducts market analysis to evaluate competitive energy market opportunities for energy, capacity, demand response and ancillary services, as well as evaluating issues associated with renewable integration.
Vinayak has performed financial analysis of various storage technologies for technology developers as well as investors. He has built various financial and analytical models to calculate market potential of given storage technology, assessing bankability of storage project as well as finding optimal operating strategy.
Vinayak is a Chartered Financial Analyst with experience in financial modelling, analysis, and business development. He was involved in valuing and structuring multimillion dollar deals in Power and Aircraft industries. Before joining Customized, he was Manager at BTU Power, a private equity fund where he focused on power project finance and fund raising. Prior to BTU, he worked at RISConsulting, a Boston-based firm, where he was mainly involved in aircraft securitizations and other structured finance products. Previously he had done research in nonlinear control systems where he worked on problems involving differential geometry and bifurcation theory. Vinayak holds Master of Science from Georgia Institute of Technology and Master of Engineering from V.J.T.I. Mumbai. He holds undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli.