Intersolar India Shipping

We take pleasure in informing you that Intersolar India has appointed three official freight forwarder at your choice. One for International Exhibitors and two for exhibitor from India.

Non-Indian Exhibitors are therefore requested to consult Schenker Munich for any matter concerning forwarding of exhibits to Mumbai fairground and/or regarding on-site co-ordination.  

Schenker Deutschland AG and their branch office in Mumbai are entitled and responsible for going through all customs formalities and handling exhibits - after their arrival in Mumbai.  To ensure smooth handling of exhibits, please read carefully all points in this guideline. Failure to comply with these points is likely to create problems and additional expenses.  

Download Shipping Instructions 2017 


Indian Exhibitors are requested to consult one of the following forwarder:


Official Freight Forwarder

R. E. Rogers India Pvt. Ltd.              Buhariwala Logistics

510/511, Midas, Sahar Plaza Complex,
M. V. Road, Andheri (E)
Mumbai, Maharashtra
400 059 - India


Balmer Lawrie Bldg. 1st Floor, 5 J.N. Heredia Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai, Maharashtra
400001 - India

  • Mr. Mr. Sudhir Dhavan
  • Mr. Kartik Soman


  • Mr. Tahir Ali Shaikh
  • Mr. Devraj Desai
Tel.: +91 22 2820 3845Tel: +91 22-22625450
Fax.: +91 22 2820 8942Fax.: +91 22 22625453
+91 99207 28175 /
+91 98210 43858
+91 9892503453 /
+91 9821110288