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A free App for mobile devices is available to visitors and exhibitors. It is a tool designed to help visitors and exhibitors to plan and prepare their visit to the exhibition. The App provides infor­mation on all exhibitors, hall plans, accompanying programs and much more. The App is a highly sought-after medium and was downloaded to thousands of mobile user devices in 2016. It offers you various prominent ways of promoting your company.

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(1 Exclusive Partner)
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Intersolar India
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  • Event overview
  • Main menu
  • Main menu Co-Page (iPad only)
  • Submenue Favorites
  • Submenu Info
  • Submenu Floor Plan
  • Submenu Exhibitors
  • Submenu Program
  • Submenu Floor Plan

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Logo on the partner and app page in the Event Directory: Intersolar India
Bonus points in the Membership Program10050
Price€1,000 €500

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*can only be booked if the exhibitor is active in both areas.