Exhibitor Testimonials

Dr. Rahul Kapil, Operation VP and Director, Longi Solar (China)

For the exhibition I can say it is great. We are good presence of customers visit. There are many developers from Maharashtra and other places. We expect a good business at this show and good customer footfall at our stall. Quality of business is good. So we can see that major developers and other customers we see in the near market, they are present here. The companies who are working in the selling products in the field of PV technologies they should participate in this exhibition. (2017)

Mehul Gogri, Manager - Corporate Communications, Goldi Green Technologies (Gujarat, India)

In this Intersolar exhibition we are launching our new products. We have always participated in Intersolar. We have participated in Intersolar Munich, we have participated in Intersolar Bombay. We get very good response in Intersolar exhibitions. This is particularly the reason why we participate in Intersolar Bombay. Because we get very good quality visitors. We get visitors that are really interested in products and we are very happy with the exhibition and we get very good response in the exhibition. We will be participating next year. (2017)

Hamlet Tunyan, CEO, Recom Solar (Germany)

The Intersolar events are always great for business. There were many business opportunities we discussed about during these days and the quality of visitors was above our expectations. Compared with other exhibitions, at Intersolar India, the second day looked even better than the first one. We will definitely be here for 2018 edition. (2017)

Milan Kumar, Head-Tracker Initiative, L&T Construction (Tamil Nadu, India)

Visitor quality is good. There is a lot of interest from prospective customers, developers and there is lot of interest even from stake holders like it could be vendors or in engineering support companies or some unique solutions that they provide. The quality of visitors is good. L&T has been participating in Intersolar every year and we will continue to do that. We find this as the right venue. (2017)

Iñaki Legarda-Ereño, Solar Business Director, Mondragon Assembly S. Coop. (Spain)

The exhibition is becoming very interesting. We were last year as a visitor and we decided this year to come and exhibit. We are having better prospects than what we were expecting in the beginning. We have had already known contacts and also new contacts interested in manufacturing lines. The quality of visitors is generally very good I would say. (2017)

Sachin Borisa, Sr. Manager, Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (Gujarat, India)

Every year we are participating and we are getting a good response throughout all 3-days. We see developers and EPC, they are our main customers considering solar business. So that is what our focus is right now. Quality of visitors is very good compared to last year and definitely next year we are looking for good business out of it again. (2017)

Kartik Sachdeva, Marketing Head (Solar), Su-Kam Power Systems Limited (Haryana, India)

Intersolar at it gives a great platform to display our products, display our new technologies and also to promote the made in India product. It was quite unfortunate in the first day there was a cyclone warning but still I saw there was a good amount of turnout in the event and we have so many countries who are participating. We have Germany, China, Japanese stalls are also there. The quality is very good. See we have in west India alone we have more than 500 distributors. So most of the distributors have come here and have seen all our new products and also we have got some new inquiries who want to be a part of the company. And also some government officials have also come there. More than 5-6 years we are here participating and next year definitely we'll participate again. (2017)

Bharat Kaushik, Product Manager, Trinity Touch Pvt. Ltd. (Delhi, India)

The exhibition was very good. It was blasting since last 2 years. We have got some of the quality of customers and the purchasers. The quality of visitors was too good. For sure we will participate in next year as well with a bigger stall. (2017)

Pradeep Srikanthan, VP - Solar Equipment Group, Redington India Ltd (Tamil Nadu, India)

We have been participating in Intersolar for the last 2 years. Last year we had a small stall but the response was really good last year. So that is the reason we have increased the size of the stall this year. We have been getting a very good response at the Expo. Its well organised and we would definitely like to continue our participation for the future years as well. And the crowd has been really amazing. There is a very good quality crowd that comes from different states nearby. So its a very good platform for Radington Solar to exhibit in this Intersolar. (2017)

Sanjay Sanghi, Director, GermanSolar Energy India Pvt. Ltd (Telangana, India)

This is our first visit to Intersolar under this brand GermanSolar and its been an extremely good experience this year and we definitely hope to be here next year as well. The response was superb. I think we had some quality visitors and we have been able to do quite a bit of business as well. We see a very positive side in India at the moment, lot of projects coming up and there's been a lot of government support in this and we hope for the best in future in our business. (2017)

Amitkumar Chheda, Manager Sales & Marketing, Jurchen Technology (Maharashtra, India)

We have been participating since last 5 years. It’s a very good platform where we meet our old customers, get new inquiries and generate new customers.  We showcase our good products, our new developments. Definitely we will participate next year also in Intersolar India as well as in Europe also. (2017)

Dr. Jaya Singh, Director, BKC WeatherSys Pvt. Ltd. (Delhi, India)

Intersolar 2017 has been interesting. Even in the mix of a cyclone there is heavy footfall so we are happy to be here. We come to Intersolar every year. The first day had a slow start because of the cycle wind of the rain, but we are happy to see a lot of familiar faces, friends, heavy footfalls today. And it’s a monetary event, we plan to be hear next year as well. (2017)

G. Chandrasekhar, Business Development - Quality Services, Tata Projects (Telangana, India)

This is not the first time we are participating in Intersolar. This is the 5th or 6th time we are doing it. The overall experience is really good. Good response. Even on the first day, in spite of the climatic conditions and so many things the crowd was really good and we appreciate. We also got a lot of leads from this after participating in this event. This is one of the best big forum and big platform. We are interested in supporting this more and more. (2017)

Partner/VIP Testimonials

Kuljit Singh Popli, Chairman & MD, Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA) (Delhi, India)

IREDA is a financial institution dedicated to financing only renewable energy projects. Intersolar India is into this business for almost 9 years now and every year they have been growing. The client base is going up. They have business meetings also. People are able to do more business coming to Intersolar and that is the source of its popularity. This is one of the most respected solar conferences and exhibition that take place across the globe. So, I think they are playing a good role in India. (2017)

Dr. Hari Kumar, Director, ANERT, Government of Kerala (Kerala, India)

This is the first time, Government of Kerala is attending this type of exhibition as a state partner. We are very excited to be here as part of this mega show where we find about 250+ exhibitors. Where it gives an opportunity for great learning, where new technology is exhibited, new products are being shown, new innovations are being showcased and we understand that side-events are there, conferences are there where presentations will be made with regard to new business models, new financing options and when we are here for the first time at such mega event we are really excited to gain from this international show. (2017)

Rajan Babu, Chief Electrical Inspector, Govt of Kerala (Consultant for Seal, Hindalco) (Kerala, India)

We are putting major solar power plants in Karela. This exhibition is very good. We got a lot of knowledge. Actually lot of new products we could learn from here. It is an excellent exhibition. Better than what I have seen in Noida. Even though it is very small, I find it really interesting and knowledge sharing. The quality of visitors are very good. All are technical person who is really interested in solar business. (2017)

Priyadarshini Sanjay, Managing Director, Mercom Communications India (Karnataka, India)

Intersolar India is a very good platform for all the stake holders to come and meet because this is the only conference completely covering the solar sector only. Focusing on the solar sector and whether it is utility scale or rooftop, there are stakeholders coming from all segments of solar. This is one of the biggest conferences happening in Mumbai where most of the investors, lenders and manufacturers are located. (2017)

Visitor Testimonials

Dr. E. Vimal Kumar, CEO, Mangla Smart Energy (Tamil Nadu, India)

I had a great experience of meeting different suppliers and clients and it has re-established our contacts with existing customers as well as I was able to meet new clients and this buyer-seller forum meeting which I had today has given opportunity for me to meet new buyers for our products as well as some sellers whom I can meet for some new upcoming projects. So it was a great experience and I had a wonderful time over there. (2017)

Rajendra Kharul, Director and CEO, Synergy Infrasys Management Pvt. Ltd. (Maharashtra, India)

I am a regular visitor for this exhibition for the last 3-4 years and I am finding it very useful because we directly connect to the component suppliers and the OEMs who are there displaying their exhibits and their various products. Especially the buyer - seller forum which is being organised on the side-lines of this conference and exhibition is useful for the project developers and we can directly connect, we can talk to the OEMs directly and have discussions regarding the project here. So this year the platform is very much useful. (2017)

Alexander Braun, Product Manager - Web Solutions, Solar-Log (Germany)

We had a vey great first Day. We had an even better second day here in Intersolar in India. We are pretty sure we will participate next year again at Intersolar and its very good to make some great contacts of manufacturers, installers and customers. (2017)

Terrance Alex, Founder & CEO, Wattsun Energy India Pvt. Ltd. (Kerala, India)

This is a first time we are able to participate in Intersolar through the help of ANERT which is very important. ANERT becomes a bridge between the companies which are operating in Kerala to get external exposure to the world with a well-known manufacturers. The crowd out here was really good. More manufacturers have been interacting with us and they have showed their interest to come down to Karela and introduce their product which could be a good move that is what we feel. There is more popularity, there is more opportunity for solar business in Karela. (2017)

Gokul Prakash, CEO & Founder, Lamberton Power Pvt. Ltd. (Maharashtra, India)

The exhibition was brilliant. I had attended the networking session yesterday and that was another good source of networking with the senior leaders in the industry forging some good partnerships. The buyer seller forum was a very good success for me because I was able to interact with a couple of the suppliers and look at good deals that may be beneficial to both parties in the future. (2017)