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December 5–7, 2017
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June 2017


Utility Scale Battery Electrical Energy Storage System – its time has come in India
The solar industry in India set up as early as 1977 sustained for over three decades purely on the government supported remote home lighting programmes like lanterns, home lighting and street lighting and remote industry applications like rural telephony. Battery was a key component in all these off-grid solutions. However for the battery industry, the solar market was too insignificant to be taken seriously and for the solar industry module prices were of far greater concern than all else and batteries did not receive the attention it deserved. In fact, with many failures in the off-grid systems, traced to battery, arising out of improper use and poor maintenance, it was considered “a weak link”.


April 2017

Rewards of Harvesting the Sun – the Rewa Way
The 750 MW Ultra Mega Solar Project being implemented by the Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Limited, a joint venture of Solar Energy Corporation of India and Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam recently received global attention for the record low tariffs bid by the companies. The tariff at Rs. 2.97/unit was one of the lowest in the world. The project split into three units each of 250 MW was won by local companies Acme Solar, Mahindra Renewables and the Swedish Solenergi Power.


January 2017

Welcoming an Exciting and Promising New Year
As we step into the New Year there are enough reasons to celebrate. The total installed capacity which totaled 5 GW at the end of 2015 doubled and crossed the 10 GW mark in November 2016. Solar’s contribution to the Nation’s energy basket rose to a recognizable 1% and overtook the Bio-mass segment to become the second largest RE contributor, after wind. The rooftop segment which lagged behind the ground mounted power plant segment, gained momentum to clock a cumulative installation of 1 GW in October 2016.

November 2015

India's PV Market: Driving a New Momentum
Sun Edison, one of the leading global PV project developers won a 500 MW project allocation in the state of Andhra Pradesh at a tariff of Rs. 4.63/kWh. This tariff comfortably bet the previous record low of Rs. 5.05/kWh set by Skypower in Madhya Pradesh. If these tariffs turn out to be rational and become the new normal, India will achieve the long awaited grid parity in the near future, and with it, witness an accelerated growth of the buoyant solar sector.

October 2015

Electrical Energy Storage Prospects in India's Storage Market
Electrical Energy storage is the new frontier for technology that is expected to drastically change the energy future. Energy storage will have major impact on areas like Renewable Energy Integration, meeting demand supply gap, microgrids and mobility (Electric Vehicles). The last few years have growth significant growth of the sector globally. Apart from proactive government initiatives, innovation by the private sector (eg. Tesla) is also helping the rapid growth of this sector.

September 2015

RE Hybrid Energy Parks - Take Full Advantage of Local Environmental Conditions
Wind energy is a mature sector in India and ranks 5th in the world in terms of installed capacity. The sector contributes to more than 60% of the total renewable energy installed capacity in the country. On the other hand, while Solar is relatively new and still accounts for only about 10% of the renewable energy installed capacity, it is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the next few years.

August 2015

India's Off-Grid PV Market: An opportunity to make a big impact
India's GDP has been growing at a healthy pace over the last two decades, but a significant part of its citizens do not have access to quality electricity. Off-grid solar systems have the potential to transform the life of these citizens who live in energy poverty.

June 2015

India's Solar Thermal Market: An overview
Different forms of Solar Thermal conversion technologies can play a very vital role in reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and in the reduction of Green House Gas emissions. India has the potential to become a global leader in Solar Thermal, if some of the challenges are addressed.

Mai 2015

Smart Cities – The future
Smart Cities have been one of the major priority areas of Mr. Narendra Modi. His government has announced plans to develop 100 smart cities across the country in the next 5 years, and has allotted Rs. 1 Lakh Crores for urban development.

April 2015

India added 1.1 GW solar capacity during the 2014-15 Financial Year - MNRE
According to the latest statistics released by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, a total of 1104 MW of solar power projects were commissioned during the period April 2014 to March 2015. A total of 14 states added solar power generation capacity, and the state of Rajasthan (229 MW) had the highest installed capacity during the year.

March 2015

Union Budget 2015 – Highlights for the Indian Solar sector
On February 28, 2015, when Finance Minister Arun Jaitley stood up in the parliament of India to present the Union Budget for 2015-16, there were lot of expectations about budgetary support for the solar sector in the form of funds allocation and tax incentives. Were the expectations met? Given below is a gist of some of the announcements in the budget and their impact.

January 2015

2015 – A Year of Growth for Indian Solar Industry
At the end of an eventful 2014, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) announced that India’s total grid-connected solar capacity crossed 3 GW in December 2014. A total of 886 MW was added during the calendar year 2014, which made it another year of less than 1 GW installation.

November 2014

Policy Progress of JNNSM
At the end of an eventful 2014, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) announced that India’s total grid-connected solar capacity crossed 3 GW in December 2014. A total of 886 MW was added during the calendar year 2014, which made it another year of less than 1 GW installation. 

September 2014

Solar Parks - The future?
One of the first major solar related policy announcements from the new government headed by Mr. Narendra Modi has been on Solar parks. Earlier in September 2014, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) released a draft scheme for development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power projects across the country.

August 2014

Performance of Solar PV plants under the Jawahalal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM)
When the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission(JNNSM) and the Gujarat State policies were announced in 2009, they were welcomed with lot of cheers but solar was also not well understood. 4 years down the lane, with the installed capacity close to 3 GW, there is enough solar plant performance data to make intelligent investment decisions.
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July 2014

Solar Water Pumping systems - The huge opportunity
The market potential for solar water pumps is huge in India, but there are several challenges that need to be addressed to achieve that huge potential. Here is a look at the solar water pumping market.

June 2014

Indian Solar – High hopes on Mr. Narendra Modi
India has a new Prime Minister who has an outstanding record of promoting Solar in his state. What can the sector expect from Mr. Modi?"

May 2014

State Level Solar Policies – An update
The growth of solar in India depends not only on the JNNSM, but also on the various state policies. While some states like Gujarat have done a stellar job, the policies in some other states have been delayed for various reasons. A few other states entered the sector late with their state policies, but are quickly catching up.

April 2014

Status of Solar RPO and REC Trading in Year 2013-14
The Solar REC trading in 2013-14 saw mixed fortunes. While the trading volumes increased significantly from the previous year, the lack of enforcement of RPOs caused the trading to remain muted, and also resulted in the build-up of REC inventory.

March 2014

Status of Solar Thermal in JNNSM
While most of discussions about JNNSM center around Solar PV, the Solar Thermal category also get equal importance in the JNNSM. In this article, the status quo of Solar Thermal systems in India is analysed.
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March 2014

Net Metering Supports PV Deployment: Established and New Policies in Favor of Residential and Small Commercial Markets
As PV technology spreads across the world and prices fall, alternative means of determining compensation for solar power are gaining traction. Chief among these is net metering, a policy under which owners.
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Febuary 2014

India's Solar Year 2013 - A Review
India added more than 1 GW of solar capacity in 2013. Most of the capacity came from the JNNSM Phase 1, states like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. 2013 saw increased interest in Solar rooftop PV systems and net-metering. In this article, we take a look at the status of the Indian solar industry in 2013.  
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January 2014

Net Metering Initiatives in India
Net-metering for solar PV systems received the attention of several state governments in 2013. Many of the have either released a policy or are in the process of finalising one. We take a look at some of the net-metering initiatives in different states. 
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November 2013

JNNSM Phase 2 Batch 1 Selection process begins – A shot in the arm for the Indian Solar industry
The wait is over. The announcement of the selection process for 750 MW under the Batch 1, Phase 2 of the JNNSM will provide a much needed fillip for the Indian solar sector, and has the potential to take Indian beyond the 4 GW mark by early 2015. Here is a look at some of the highlights of the selection guidelines, including the Domestic Content Requirement (DCR)
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October 2013

Operation and Maintenance – The key success factor for a Solar PV power plant
The solar PV plants in India are entering a phase of maturity. The total installations will exceed 2 GW by the end of the year, and about half of them would have completed more than 1 year of operations by that time. As the plant becomes older, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) becomes more and more important for improving the performance of the plant. 
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September 2013

Project Development in India - Key Challenges
Solar Project Development entails several challenges at various levels. Some of them are beyond the control of the developer, while some can be managed by the Developer. In this article, some of the major challenges related to project development in India are examined.
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August 2013

Status of PV Manufacturing in India
Indian Solar manufacturing sector is at a crossroads. The global oversupply of PV modules, the trade tensions caused by charges and counter-charges of dumping of modules and the future of the Domestic Content Requirement(DCR) in the JNNSM have made the sector very volatile. In this article, we take a look at the status of the Indian solar manufacturing sector.
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July 2013

Off-Grid Systems in India
India is home to more than 400 million people with no access to electricity. Even people who have access to the grid do not get reliable and quality power. Off-grid solar is an ideal solution to ensure energy access to everyone in the country. With the active involvement of the MNRE and the private sector, off-grid solar is poised for a big take-off.
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June 2013

Asantys Service Packages for Turnkey Solar Telecom Projects
On the third and final day of the Intersolar Europe exhibition, the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) continued its presentation on the topic of off-grid solar power supply in its Rural Electrification special exhibit.
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June 2013

Opportunities and Challenges of Solar Energy in Rural India
The German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) presented the topic of off-grid solar power supply in its rural electrification special exhibit. Experience of deploying off-grid system in several regions across the world was shared during this exhibit. The experience also included presentations from companies like SMA, Siemens, etc.
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June 2013

Public-Private-Partnerships for Solar Energy in Developing Countriesdevelo is a Public-Private Partnership programme administered by Federal Ministry for Development (BMZ) across many sectors in developing countries in continents like Africa, Latin America, Asia, etc. While there are several areas covered under the PPP programme, renewable energy and energy efficiency is one of the important sectors BMZ works with. 
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June 2013

Panel Discussion on the Europe - China Solar Trade Dispute
On 4th June 2013, the European Commission imposed anti-dumping duties on PV products imported from China. The initial duty will be 11.8% on all Chinese solar products and will be effective for the period June 6 to August 6, 2013 and will be applicable for Chinese-made solar panels, cells and wafers. If a negotiated settlement is not reached by August 6, the duties will increase to an average of 47.6%.
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June 2013

Rooftop Solar in India
Most of the solar installations in India are ground mounted systems and the number of rooftop solar systems is negligible in the country. With the allotment of solar rooftop PV projects by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and some states, is the rooftop solar sector poised for a dramatic growth?
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May 2013

Energy Storage in India – An Overview
With the increased penetration of PV and distributed power generation, energy storage is becoming more and more important in managing the grid. Acknowledging the importance of energy storage, Germany has initiated a programme to support energy storage. In this article, the status of energy storage in India is examined.
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